Tips to Avoid the Nightmare Before Your Halloween Event at Work

Coworking spaces aren’t just meeting rooms for hire or desk rentals for you to plug your laptop into and work in isolation. It has been established that what makes shared workspaces special is the community it builds and the collaboration that develops within that community.


One of the ways to establish a coworking community is by providing areas where they can mingle or work together, such as relatively relaxed living room-style spaces or cafeterias with big tables where bigger groups of people can sit together.


Another is by hosting a variety of events such as those that help members develop new skills or improve on existing ones, meet-ups with potential partners, clients or investors, and even the occasional party that gives everyone an opportunity to relax and have informal engagements with each other.



With Halloween just around the corner (and Christmas just a few weeks later), we gathered some tips and ideas to help you and your team organize a Halloween event for your member community to remember.



Make A List & Check It Twice



Probably the most essential thing in any event is to make the guest list. Some of your members may celebrate Halloween differently and some may need to be home early to take their kids trick or treating. Having a list and confirming attending guests will help you determine when and where to hold the event, and how much food you need to serve.




I’m Just Here for the “Boos”



What you serve can determine whether your party would be a success or not. If you have the time and the means, go all the way and serve Halloween-themed foods, such as “pizza skulls” or “zombie nachos.”



Also, keep in mind to serve some vegetarian options and non-alcoholic drinks as well. However, if “spooky” foods are too much of a hassle, you can still serve regular finger foods and drinks, and just use a cauldron for the fruit punch and give them “scary” names such as Witch’s Brew or Vampire’s Blood. It will definitely help set the mood and it wouldn’t be Halloween without a little fun, yes?




Pumpkins Aren’t Just for Spice Lattes



Ambiance. It wouldn’t be a Halloween party without the proper decorations. Turn that coworking space into a haunted hub with fake spiderwebs, bat cutouts, and spooky lighting. A few carved pumpkins and gourds here and there, black and orange streamers, a witch’s broomstick are all essentials in setting up that eerie atmosphere that is vital to a Halloween event.




Something Wicked This Way Comes


Admittedly, it could be a hassle and an expense that your members would rather not have. However, Halloween is that one time of the year when adults are allowed to just let loose and have absolute fun by wearing costumes. Let’s be honest, who can really enjoy a party wearing office wear?



During Halloween, we can embrace our geekiness by transforming into our favourite character from a beloved movie or book, or utilise that hidden talent and transform your face into a ghoul using makeup.



You could have a costume competition in your coworking space or hold a “Best Dracula Laugh” contest. It’s definitely an opportunity for your members to showcase their creativity and personalities ‘outside of work’.



Double, Double, Toil and Trouble


What if you’re just not ready to hold a party or majority of your members can’t make it to your party? No worries, you are not in trouble. There are other ways to enjoy Halloween and help your community to commingle and grow. Instead of a party, maybe you could host Halloween-themed Trivia competition such as Horror Movies or Famous Monsters.



Or have a regular working day but have your members wear costumes throughout the day and give out award and prizes for the most creative. You could also host an event where members take turn to tell “horror stories” and share their experiences of failures and mistakes regarding their businesses. It’s scary and informative at the same time.



Another cool idea is that if many of your members have children then you can host a Halloween party for them and their kids — something like a bring-your-kids-to-work-day, on Halloween!



It’s Not All Just A Bunch of Hocus Pocus


However you decide to celebrate Halloween (or Christmas) this year, don’t lose sight of your intentions and reasons why you’re doing it in the first place.



It is vital for any coworking community to have avenues where members can get together and learn more about each other beyond the formal or professional level to help grow the community as well as strengthen connections and encourage collaborations.


Ready to search for the right space for your event? Start here.




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