Progressive Hong Kong Start-up Solves Workspace Headaches for Asia’s Business Travellers

HONG KONG, Sept. 29, 2016 – AnyWorkspace, a new platform for searching and booking flexible space, with initial listings in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Indonesia, is designed to easily connect working travellers and digital nomads with resources and community support as they move between locations. Multitudes of multi-national corporates are also joining the shared space philosophy, as data about remote and social working shows solid benefits of how community spaces can contribute towards increased productivity in all types of industries1.


Before AnyWorkspace, users would have to individually search and compare coworking spaces manually, a time-consuming and tedious process. Users can now search and compare hot desks, meeting rooms, seminar rooms, private offices and event spaces, filtered by location, budget, time and amenities in real-time. To make a booking, simply pay with credit card using the secure platform and a confirmation will be sent via both SMS and email. Need a few hours to prepare in between client meetings? Book a hot desk near your next appointment so that you can print documents, sip on provided coffee, and get ready in a comfortable space.

Creating New Market Opportunities by Partnering with Providers

For space vendors and owners, AnyWorkspace offers a solution to many of their current challenges1. It is the perfect platform to monetize empty offices, spare cubicles, and underutilised meeting rooms – increasing revenue and offsetting the fixed costs of space which would otherwise be wasted or left idle. Unlike other disruptive companies, AnyWorkspace aims to collaborate with industry leaders who recognise the opportunity for change (for example, Regus, who are currently aggressively rebranding and adapting their business model2).


As AnyWorkspace expands and collects data, the ability to provide insights and analytics on how today’s workers are using their time and adapting to new options will be hugely valuable. With increasing numbers of working travellers, especially across Asia3, inspiring and productive environments are major factors shaping the success of the expanding new age economy4. Space providers also gain additional accessibility and real-time bookings with clients who are actively searching and interested in spaces or the community they offer.


“AnyWorkspace is making it possible to accurately compare the overwhelming number of options mobile workers now have. It is liberating to explore the spaces and communities around us locally and internationally – while also a way for property and space providers to re-connect with their clients through modern technologies and without capital investment,” said Kheng Sim, Founder of AnyWorkspace, who has over 15 years of experience in regional roles across Asia, herself having been a frequent business traveller.


Having already secured experienced angel investors, AnyWorkspace is confident in accelerating its launch and rapid growth; coworking spaces globally have surged from 75 in 2007 to over 7,800 in 2015 and Asia is expected to be the biggest driver in growth over the next four years5. Building on its successful foundations, AnyWorkspace is confident in a bright future.



About AnyWorkspace

AnyWorkspace is a real-time marketplace connecting providers of workspaces (such as desks, coworking areas, private offices, meeting rooms and event spaces) with those that need flexible workspace arrangements. Clients gain access to a reliable and easy-to-use platform, which makes it simple to book, compare, and review on the increasingly available options. AnyWorkspace was founded in 2015 and has already successfully raised investment from experienced angel investors. Headquartered in Hong Kong, and with full-time representatives in Singapore and Jakarta, AnyWorkspace is rapidly expanding throughout other major Asian business cities throughout 2016 and 2017. For more information, please visit



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