Co-work to Connect, Collaborate and be part of a Community

Still not convinced why you should pay to rent a desk to get work done when you can just go to the public library and access Wi-fi for free or to your favourite coffee shop in your neighborhood?



Well, you are never guaranteed that you’ll get good seats in a coffee shop that are right next to a power outlet. Yes, a library would be a great place that is quiet to let you focus on your work, but then that is all you get.


And just like a coffee shop, desks or tables are not always provided with power so you’re only good as long as your laptop battery can last, even on a full charge. Besides, not all coffee shops can afford to be like Starbucks, where you don’t have to purchase anything to sit in the cafe or use the restroom.



For the cost of the cups of coffee and food that you have to order just to be able to sit in a cafe for a few hours where only customers are welcome, you might as well use that money to pay for a hot desk that you can access, in quite a number of 24/7 co-working spaces today, any time you need it.


Connect with the Right Community and Collaborate


Co-working is all about empowering and connecting community members to enable collaboration and growth. There are many different ways to network and meet new people, but in a co-working environment, you are likely to meet other like-minded individuals from various walks of life and business sectors who have the expertise you need to grow your business.



Many members are freelancers, solopreneurs or start-ups who are looking for the right connections with whom they can collaborate with to fill that ‘missing piece’ of their projects, such as web design, software development, digital marketing, social media marketing, or graphic design.


Even among the corporate users who are also part of the growing co-working community, their IT, marketing, and business development teams are also on the lookout for professionals who can work with them on short-term or one-off projects that do not require hiring full-time staff.


Conversely, co-working spaces also provide an opportunity for start-ups and entrepreneurs to meet new clients.



However, connections do not always form organically. That is why co-working communities proactively help its members to network personally and professionally by hosting informal events such mixers, happy hours or weekend barbecues.



Some also have community managers who sole purpose is to help connect members with other members based on their needs, creating a peer-to-peer service and collaboration network. A few also have developed mobile apps to serve this purpose.


Guidance and Assistance from the Experts


Co-working spaces are not only places where you can rent desks or meeting rooms to get things done. A number of co-working spaces now also offer various professional services to help its members with their projects and business needs, such as reception/front desk, concierge, legal, secretarial, IP consulting, accounting, public relations, mail and package handling, and translation services.



A few also serve as incubators and accelerators, where they nurture and mentor start-ups and entrepreneurs, as well as help them connect with potential investors.



With more and more co-working spaces opening up all over the world, maybe it’s about time you check one out and see for yourself why it is so much more conducive to productivity and how it guarantees to help grow your professional network and business at the same time.


Find the nearest co-working or flexible workspace today and fast-track your journey to success.


Image Credits: Unsplash (Brooke Cagle, Daniel von Appen, Kelsey Chance, Kelsey Knight, and RawPixel)


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