6 Smart Ways To Make Your Coworking Space More Functional And Profitable


Coworking spaces have become increasingly popular in recent years, as more and more entrepreneurs and freelancers seek flexible, affordable workspace solutions. However, with so many coworking spaces now available, it’s important to ensure that yours stands out from the crowd. In this post, we’ll explore 6 smart ways to make your coworking space more functional and profitable, helping you to attract and retain tenants and maximize your revenue potential.

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Know the 10 Types of Coworking Spaces

By: Marc Mueller on Pexels

In recent years, workplace culture has seen a massive shift beginning with the pandemic that forced numerous employees to work from home. This led to a new approach to working. Post-pandemic many employees still choose to work remotely however, they may not want to work alone from home.

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Are Niche Concepts the Future of Coworking?

WeWork at 4 Rue de Jules Lefebvre, Paris. Image courtesy of WeWork
At one point during the early pandemic, many believed the coworking industry might be on the brink of extinction. WeWork, by far the industry’s largest player, fumbled an IPO and faced a dire financial shortfall. The fast adoption of virtual work has cast doubt on the future of the physical office.

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Best Destinations for First-Time Digital Nomads


At this moment, the estimated number of digital nomads around the world exceeds 35,000,000; and this is just an estimate, the real number may be much higher than that. You, yourself, are probably reading this either because you are a digital nomad already, you want to be one, or you are interested in the idea but not ready to take the step yet.

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Flex office spaces become a respite from working at home, commuting long distances

Hungerhub’s business more than tripled in 202l and expanded into Vancouver and Calgary as its work force has grown to 30, most of them hired during the pandemic. SUPPLIED

Even before the pandemic, Hungerhub.com never required its employees to come to the office. In fact, one employee works full-time from Brazil, and another is currently working virtually from Barcelona.


“The policy is, you can work from anywhere; it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re being productive,” says Sari Abdo, Hungerhub’s chief executive officer. The corporate catering company’s business more than tripled in 2021 and expanded into Vancouver and Calgary as its work force has grown to 30, most of them hired during the pandemic.

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